image Sketch Journal No. 4

With travel and chaos comes a delayed digital copy of my last full sketch journal from Thailand. After a year of living and working in such a stunning place, with such special people, I can only be grateful for all I’ve learned and witnessed.

A year can look like a small eternity as it stretches out before us. A year away from family or familiarity, a year of missing out on whatever rituals you’ve formed at home–but a year, once it begins, turns into a quick measurement of time. After the fact, it becomes a collection of commonplace mornings and unforgettable afternoons. It becomes a fragment of your life that both changed you completely and made you more into yourself than you could have imagined. It becomes a part of your history that no one else has to know, but that you cannot forget.

I’m lucky to return to a country that all my favorite people still call home. My brothers, my nieces, my father, my sisters and mothers in all their different forms, have all welcomed me back with a different way of saying, “A year didn’t feel that long.” And I agree. When I think of my time in Thailand, my time in any one place really, I think of what Janis J. said. “It’s all the same f*ckin’ day, man.” 

With what time you have, I hope you do something amazing, something you didn’t think was possible before. I hope you teach abroad or hitchhike through Africa. I hope you build your bus or start your book. I hope, by the time this day ends, you amaze yourself.

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  1. Welcome ‘home’ – Happy you enjoyed last year abroad! Let me know if/when you decide to visit Alaska. I’m still in North Pole (near Fairbanks). Meanwhile, have a wonderful summer with friends and family :-)}

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